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When panel and service changes are made, without full rewiring, we have to use the branch wiring that is already existing.  We cannot get the area as "clean" as we would like too, without adding extensions to the wires, which increases the cost of the job. Also, when it is just the panel that is upgraded we are restricted by attaching to the existing service pipe from outside.
All work in the "After" pictures have passed an Electrical Safety Authority Inspection. 

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East York Bungalow -- Before
60 amp service with fuses

Toronto Storey & a Half -- Before
60 amp Serivce with fuses

Rouge Valley Two Storey -- Before
Amalgamated fuse panel, aluminum wiring, Breaker for hot tub at bottom

Etobicoke Two Storey -- Before
100 amp small circuit breaker panel and sub panel

Sometimes it is just necessary to replace the fuses with breakers.  In some instances (to cut down on costs for the homeowners) we will add a new combination panel onto the existing Main switch without increasing the actual Service size.  If the homeowner wishes to increase the size of the service at a later time, half the job is already done.

Scarborough Bugalow-- Before
60 amp Service with fuse panels

Scarborough Bungalow -- After
100 amp rated breaker panel on 60 amp Service

East York Bungalow -- After
100 amp service with breakers, full house rewire

Toronto Storey & a Half -- After
100 amp Service upgrade with breakers

Rouge Valley Two Storey
New panel with whole home surge protection and leaving existing hot tub breaker to keep costs down

Etobicoke Two Storey -- After
100 amp 32/64 circuit panel upgrade


Don Mills Bungalow -- Before
60 amp Service on west side of house

Don Mills Bungalow
200 amp Service with Whole home surge protection relocated on east side of house.

Sometimes receptacles look new and therefore you might think they are grounded, but are really hooked up to ungrounded wiring.  This is where we must install a Ground Fault Circuit Interupteur (GFCI) type receptacle as allowed in the Ontario Electrical Code under rule 26-700(8).  Due to older style outlet boxes these GFCI receptacles are so deep they cannot fit in, so we have to use a box extender. The other option is to replace the receptacle box completely, sometimes causing plaster damage.  Most customers go with the extender.

North Toronto Two Storey -- After #1
Installation of GFCI receptacle on ungrounded wiring

North Toronto Two Storey -- After #3
Due to existing box being too shallow, a box extender that protrudes out 1" needed to be used.

Toronto West End Semi -- Before #2
Amateur splicing on "newer" wiring to old Knob and Tube

Toronto West End Semi -- After
A definite upgrade

North York Bungalow addition
More Insulated Pot lights

North Toronto Two Storey -- Before
This plug is acutally connected to ungrounded wiring, which is against code.

North Toronto Two Storey -- After #2
Shows the GFCI in the tripped position with pilot light on to warn that a fault has occurred.

Toronto West End Semi -- Before #1
Amateur connections on "newer" wiring

Toronto West End Semi -- Before #3
More of the same

Toronto East End Semi
Underground feed to new Garage Panel

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